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SAVE ORPHANS AND DISABLED AFRICAN CHILDREN which has physical location in Muyenga Bukasa in Makindye Division in Kampala district is a none registered Christian Charitable Ugandan NGO formed and founded by prominent concerned volunteers dedicated to Helping poor families which affected with HIV/AIDS   and parentless children (Child-Headed Orphans/Families), Children with Disabilities, Orphans and other Vulnerable children (OVCs), Children affected by HIV/AIDS, etc; by providing social support i.e. Uniforms/clothing, scholastic materials, medical care, school fees, and Food Items, etc.

 The organization is founded in response to the need of many children who are Heading Families (Child-Headed Orphans) and to help children of falling poor families and those affected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda and the founder members felt touched by the problems and life experiences of the children heading families as they narrate their ordeals. The difficulties some of the guardians are under going through in upbringing of these children left under their care in terms of providing education, feeding, clothing, medical care, etc.  e.g.  A poor grandmother taking care of almost nine (9) children in the family.


Is well intentioned to participate in the fight against HIV/AIDS, CHILD NEGLECT,ABUSE, STIGMA and DISCRIMINATION,etc in our communities and to provide services to humanity with the particular focus on children impacted by HIV/AIDS, CHILD-HEADED ORPHANS/FAMILIES, ORPHANS AND OTHER VULNERABLECHILDREN(OVCs), etc in Uganda.

 SODAC -KAMAPALA, Uganda, believes that when communities and families achieve sufficient income, food and nutritional securities, they can be able to support, care for and educates their dear ones infected or affected by HIV/AIDS or any other devastating condition. The sexually active category of the community will stay away from situation that exposed them to infections due to economic hardship.

 The organization is formed to achieve the common goal of;

 1.      Fight against HIV/AIDS, discrimination, stigma, etc among different category of people especially youth in different schools and higher institutions, etc.

Since AIDS scourge which claim to be the most social problems affecting most people in Uganda today and leaving many children with no relatives willing to adopt any of the siblings (orphans) left, taking care of the siblings left is the responsibility of Elderly brother or sister in the family and children from the child-headed families constitute the biggest numbers of school dropouts in many schools in north and north-eastern Uganda today. The stories narrated by most child-headed families is a miniature of what goes on in other parts of Uganda and other neighboring countries in Africa today particularly families affected by either WAR or DREADFUL PESTILENCE (HIV/AIDS) disease.

Welcome to our organization's quiz 2013. This is where you can talk to us and we know whats on your mind such that we can help each other and we fight the need of orphanage children, street children, HIV/AIDS affected children. etc. You can start your quiz here

Sodac organization's Quiz


 2.      providing social support to families affected by either WAR or HIV/AIDS especially to child-headed families/orphans and poor families, etc; (schools fees, uniforms, clothing, food items, medical care, etc) and most of these children faced the need of;   




Better shelter

Medical care in case the child is HIV/AIDS positive, etc.

Rehabilitation to the street children (where to stay)

 NB: the neighboring communities who by false pretense acting parental to show kindness to most of these children (child-headed families) most especially girls left by pretending to provide items such as soap, sugar, clothes, medication, etc; to them, tend to abuse them  sexually and by the end results contractions of AIDS related illness or unwanted pregnancy.



Founded in 2010 by prominent concerned volunteers to service the need of people, settled based CBO development organization which has been set up to meet the need of the people in the community and also all over Uganda. This is going to be done by providing supports to the people in the community by establishing schools, medical services where people will go and get treatment from, providing rehabilitation center for disabled children from streets (this will be done by building houses for the where they could stay). Education is to all children, with a focus on raising the status of girls, boy, men and women.

The fundamental belief of the SODAC Foundation is that everyone, irrespective of race, religion, social classes, or economic systems deserves an education. Furthermore we believe that education is one of the main means of alleviating poverty and raising the status of women.

The Foundation seeks out support from the fellow Ugandans to give a hand of help to the needy so that they can get back to school and get a better future. SODAC then wishes to partners with these volunteers who will join in helping Orphans, Street children, Disabled people, Miserable children and HIV/AIDS affected children so that they get a better future and a better leaders for tomorrow.  Helping of the needy ones will be done by providing financial assistance, logistical and material resources, technical trainings, strategic consulting, and administrative support to help grow the capacity and capability of the organization.

Who is SODAC Foundation?

SODAC Foundation Believes

? in the innate capability of everyone to lead themselves and their communities

? in building capacity at the local level to help people help themselves

? in building long-term partnerships

? and in giving 100% of all contributions that are designated directly to the project(s) you choose to support


 Our tagline at SODAC is "off the streets and on their feet." Our goal is to provide street children and vulnerable children with rehabilitation, support and resettlement services. Right now our activities are primarily in Kampala, Uganda. We have a home and center where children from all over the slums come and participate in our activities and have a chance to enjoy life as a child. Our activities include educating them, giving the shelter, teaching them how to sing dance, acrobatics and other activities that we can participate in as a family and across African Countries. Currently there are 16 boys who live and sleep in the home. There are more than 50 other children who come from the streets and slums that we help. These are children who lives on the streets with no one to take care of them and with no one to cater for his/her welfare, such children are abandoned, rejected and neglected and society considers him/her as a detriment to the community or dangerous to society. Such children might be victims of war, natural disaster, and domestic violence, parents died of HIV/AIDS or absolute poverty in the family.

SODAC is deeply concerned with the increasing number of street children and our primary objective is to instill happiness and hope to vulnerable and street children.

Program Objectives:

    • Remove children from the streets
    • Rehabilitate children and resettle them back with their closest family members
    • Provide material support in the form of basic necessities like shelter, food, medical care and education
    • Provide fun activities such as soccer, basketball, dance, drama, singing, acrobatics, etc..
    • Increase awareness about the life of vulnerable and street children through social media outreach

Organization Setup

Right now we are a registered community based organization in Uganda. In addition, we are currently in the process of setting up the non-profit in CA with federal 501(c)3 status. We expect to be officially incorporated as a non-profit in late June. Shortly after that, we will begin accepting donations and sponsorships on behalf of these children. Please check out our facebook page and blog to know more about what is going on.

 Who we are

Sodac is a charitable small organization which was registered with the aim of helping other people

Our vision is to bring hope to people in Africa. This hope may come in the form of food to eat, safe water to drink, help for families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS or by empowering people to set up small businesses which will enable them to change their futures.

Hope Africa has a clear mandate to bring hope and empower people in Africa and put an end to systemic poverty.

In many poor communities, parents have little to leave their children except, perhaps, memories of the time they have shared. By partnering with Hope Africa you can help bring an end to the life of poverty that is passed from one generation to the next.

Our aim is to impact one life at a time. Our long-term vision is to diversify the charity across Africa.

What we do?

?Although there are lots of CBO s and charities in other African countries, the poorest of the poor are not spotted. You really have to identify the villages which are off the beaten track to find the poorest people who have no food, no water and no hope. They take each day as it comes without knowing where food will come from. Hospital facilities are mostly found in big cities and those people in the remote villages, in most cases, do not have access to hospitals. As a result people in these remote villages die of diseases and illnesses that otherwise could have been prevented?.

We have found people living in the middle of nowhere with nothing. We have found out that through Sodac local church committee, we can identify the poorest people in the villages. This brings hope and a future to people who otherwise are forgotten.

Founder and Trustee ? SODAC

In 2010 Fred kabogoza helped establish SODAC in Uganda, and also planning to establish it in East African countries and also Africa wide like in Kenya, Tanzania, to provide care and education for girls orphaned by wars in African countries.2 years later, East African Countries are suffering of famine, poverty, and there is need for the helping orphanage. Rather than abandon this important mission, our focus was redirected to Africa and our name still exists to save orphans and disabled African Children as a Foundation or an organization.

The need for support in Africa continues to be great, but corruption is also quite prevalent.  SODAC has taken extensive steps toward securing the funds that we allocate to our orphans. In most cases our program begins with a local ?sponsor? who already lives in Africa and personally knows of honest and devoted guardians within the community who are already caring for orphaned girls and boys, but who are in need of financial assistance. We can offer such support.  We have defined a guardian as an organization, such as an established orphanage, or an individual, such as a relative, but not the child?s biological parents. Through our sponsors, we are able to verify that the orphan is receiving adequate care and that the guardian will use the money for the child?s direct welfare.

Additionally, because the sponsors are local, we are able to fund opportunities that might not ordinarily receive charity because of their small size, geographic location, or grassroots origins. SODAC does not promote political or religious activities of any kind and therefore abstains from funding religiously affiliated institutions or organizations, regardless of their level of care.  Additionally, we have also taken precautions to ensure that our sponsors do not have any financial ties to the guardian or the orphan.



A peaceful, harmonious community that educates, cares and support, respects and protects the rights of destitute children and ensure equitable access to basic needs.


1.      To encouraged and promote education as a mechanism for sustainable development for the people in Uganda in order to enhance the status and quality of life of the people particularly child-headed orphans/families.

2.      SODAC organization was founded  to make Poor children get education; lame people get support and disabled people.

 2.  The project was founded to provide medical services such hospitals where people can be treated from the diseases they have and get healed.  

The mission is, to contribute to the empowerment, rehabilitation and reintegration of former child soldiers, abductees, child mothers, orphans and to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS.

 3.  SODAC was founded to provide education support to the children who are not studying, who doesn?t have any support via studying, to build schools to help children study on free basis.

 4. To also remove and adopt children who don?t have their parents for example orphans. This was done so as to reduce orphanage in African countries.

 5. It was also formed to carter for street children for example removing them from the street to better homes and also to educate them.


The overall developmental objectives of SODAC is to reduce poverty and level of illiteracy and strengthening the region?s human resource based and hence feeding into efforts at creating and sustaining peace in Uganda.

 The immediate objectives include:

 v  To build the capacity of SODAC to manage scholarships funds for formal primary/secondary education including a capacity to fundraise through a variety of local, national and international mechanism.

 v  To protect the rights of access to formal primary/secondary education of children impacted by tragic aftermath disease (HIV/AIDS), Child-headed orphans/families, etc in the district that absolutely have no other means of accessing education and to provide these children with access to human rights knowledge.

 v  To strengthen the capacity of the communities to advocates, cares for and support children impacted by dreadful pestilence (HIV/AIDS), child-headed families.

 v  To promote and encourage awareness raising and advocacy activities through creative presentation such as Drama, Radio talk show, Debating competition, etc.

 v  To strengthened the capacity of the communities to cater and improve children wellbeing by increasing access to education, livelihood (adequate food), healthcare and psychosocial support.



1.      Community sensitization and mobilization on HIV/AIDS, stigma, discrimination, etc through creative presentation such as Drama, Debates, poems, etc.

 2.      Family tracing and assessment of needy children in their communities and families near the area of operation.

 3.      Promoting and encouraging education to families affected by HIV/AIDS especially orphans left through provision of school fees, uniforms, scholastic materials to re-enter formal schoolings.

4.      Provision of basic needs i.e. food, clothing, medical care, etc to children heading families and children with disabilities, etc in various communities in the district and neighboring districts.

 5.      Training on income generating activities and loan revolving scheme to families and communities of child-headed families so that they can be able to support their dear ones.

 6.      Follow up of the children in their various schools and there families/communities to assess there copying.

 7.      Training of peer educators and community care giver on sexual Gender Based Violence, risky behavior.

 v  Building the capacity of the communities and their leaders in participatory problems identification and analysis.

 8.      Family counseling and support.

 9.      Enhancing more knowledge about the danger of stigma, discrimination,etc to an individuals, family, to different schools and communities since the practice of stigmatization is very common among youth today.




 A.    Community sensitization:

Ø  Building the capacity of the community and their leaders in participatory problem identification, analysis and action plan.

 Ø  Structured community based activities for social interaction, integration and rehabilitation (traditional dance and drama, music festival, etc).

 B.     Formal/non formal education:

ü  Parentless children (child-headed families), AIDS affected children and children with disabilities to be assisted with school fees, scholastic materials and Uniforms to re-enter formal schooling.

 ü  Follow-up the children in schools and in there communities to assess their coping.

 ü  Training of both primary and secondary schools teachers to provide psychosocial support to the children in their schools.

 C.     Organizing Vocational training:

§  Placement of children for carpentry and joinery, tailoring, Building and Concrete practice, Bicycle repair and Assembling.

 §  Provision of Basic tools to children who have successfully completed the above course.

 D.    Micro-finance scheme:

·         Provision of start-up funds to the children Heading Families, etc through apprenticeship.

·         Provision of revolving funds to the child mothers and women groups for Income Generating Activities.

·         Business Management skills to targeted groups.


  • Child-headed families/orphans
  • Children with disability
  • Relatives and families of HIV/AIDS affected children
  • Communities and their leaders
  • Youth of both sexes.
  • Street children.


1.      Insufficient capital to facilitate and sustain the organization in its activities remains a challenge.

2.      Inadequate transports to facilitate the organization in running of its activities since most of the organization activities are done by walking long distances.

3.      Limited resources in terms of funding remain challenge to:

ü  Offer sponsorship for children with needy background and those children who are heading families or others attending classes both in primary and secondary schools.

ü  Provide some motivation to the workers in terms of paying them salaries and training since most of the work is done on voluntary basis.                           

4.      Insufficient funds to provide start up loans for IGA?s to girls?/boys? child-headed families to boost their income and improve on their livelihood in their communities.


5.      Inadequate funds to train primary/secondary school teachers in providing psychosocial support for child-headed orphans in their respective schools.

6.      The organization lacks some incentives like printing equipments (i.e. computers, photocopying machine, papers, etc to boost the activities of the organization.

7      High expectation among the communities with increased numbers of orphans and increased high dropouts rates among children who come from child-headed families in various schools.

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    This is Katama Orsborn we are here to seeing that thewe help the children in African countries. So if  we co-orperate together and we help the children in Uganda. This is my wish if we come together and we help the children i think this will be better. The reason why SODAC poroject was formed is to see that African children are having good future. We help the children through sponsoring them, Giving them Shelter, Medical services so that they have good future and we will benefit from the generation we have rised up. For example the street children needs our help, orphans, neglected ones or some children they may be infected by HIV/AIDS so we need to help them and servive that situation.

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